Triple Spin - Wheel Drive Motors

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  1. Hub Hub

    Part #: TS-2-8


  2. Stepper Motor Sm. Stepper Motor Sm.

    Part #: TS-2-10

    Stepper Motor Sm.

    Stepper motor Learn More
  3. Stepper Motor LG. Stepper Motor LG.

    Part #: TS-2-10a

    Stepper Motor LG.

    Stepper motor Learn More
  4. Sensor Board Sensor Board
  5. Wheel (small) Wheel (small)

    Part #: TS-2-5

    Wheel (small)

    Wheel Learn More
  6. Wheel (Medium) Wheel (Medium)
  7. Large Wheel Large Wheel

    Part #: TS-2-7

    Large Wheel

    Large wheel Learn More
  8. Glass Glass

    Part #: TS-2-16


    Glass door Learn More
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