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Quick Overview

Reactor adds a different twist to the normal "quick-coin" game by demanding each player to "bounce" his coin through the opening


  1. LED Display LED Display
  2. Coin Selector Cover Board Coin Selector Cover Board
  3. Coin Mech Cover (yellow) Coin Mech Cover (yellow)
  4. Coin Selector Coin Selector
  5. Reactor Wing Reactor Wing
  6. Red Pillar Red Pillar
  7. Control Panel Control Panel
  8. Metal Trim For Wing Metal Trim For Wing
  9. (Left) Metal Bracket For Dome Plexi (Left) Metal Bracket For Dome Plexi
  10. REACTOR" Word Decal REACTOR" Word Decal

    Part #: REA-E-34

    REACTOR" Word Decal

    Word "REACTOR" around center of game Learn More
  11. Bounce Pad Assembly Bounce Pad Assembly
  12. (Right) Metal Bracket for Dome Plexi (Right) Metal Bracket for Dome Plexi

All Parts Description & Locati

    Console Mechanism

    1. Rubber Rubber

      Part #: REA-1-05


      Rubber bounce pads Learn More
    2. Lamp Board (white) Lamp Board (white)
    3. Circular Lamp Board (colorful) Circular Lamp Board (colorful)

    All Parts Desc. & Location

    1. Speaker Speaker

      Part #: REA-E-08


      Circular Bottom Door Speaker Learn More
    2. Power Supply 24V Power Supply 24V

      Part #: REA-E-17

      Power Supply 24V

      Power supply Learn More
    3. Power Amplifier Power Amplifier
    4. 6 pin Green Connector 6 pin Green Connector

      Part #: REA-E-18a

      6 pin Green Connector

      Green connector for stepper motor drive. Learn More
    5. Ticket Mech Inverter Board Ticket Mech Inverter Board

      Part #: REA-E-27

      Ticket Mech Inverter Board

      Ticket mech inverter board Learn More
    6. 4 Pin Green Connector 4 Pin Green Connector
    7. 2 Pin Green Connector 2 Pin Green Connector
    8. Round Speaker Cover (Lower) Round Speaker Cover (Lower)

      Part #: REA-E-08a

      Round Speaker Cover (Lower)

      Red Circular Speaker Cover Learn More

      Part #: REA-MOTOR-KIT


      Stepper Control includes 3 green connectors Learn More

    All Parts

    1. Sensor (Single) Sensor (Single)
    2. Score Ring LED (Single Bulb) Score Ring LED (Single Bulb)
    3. Coin Mech LED (Single Bulb) Coin Mech LED (Single Bulb)
    4. Multi Color LED Control Panel (Single) Multi Color LED Control Panel (Single)
    5. Motor Bracket Assemblies Motor Bracket Assemblies
    6. Ticket Dispenser Rail Ticket Dispenser Rail
    7. Wing Hex Screw/Lock Nut/Acorn Nut Wing Hex Screw/Lock Nut/Acorn Nut
    8. LED Display Cover LED Display Cover
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