Rapper Ballin - Ball Gate Assembly

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The perfect addition to your current full-size basketball games!

All Parts

  1. Shield Ring Shield Ring

    Part #: R102-306

    Shield Ring

    Shield ring Learn More
  2. Ball Gate Sensor Ball Gate Sensor

    Part #: R102-413

    Ball Gate Sensor

    Ball gate sensor Learn More
  3. Ball Gate Sensor Harness Ball Gate Sensor Harness
  4. Basket Ball Rim Assembly Basket Ball Rim Assembly
  5. Ball Gate Ball Gate

    Part #: R102-143

    Ball Gate

    Ball gate Learn More
  6. Encoder Wheel Encoder Wheel
  7. Connection Connection
  8. Axle Sleeve Axle Sleeve

    Part #: R102-305

    Axle Sleeve

    Axle sleeve Learn More
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