Platinum Heights

Quick Overview

The colors are not the only bright spot on this game. You should see how quickly this cash box fills up!

To win the Jackpot/Bonus on Platinum Heights, the player must land the yellow arrow in the "Advance" space on the first two wheels to play on the Jackpot/Bonus wheel. This seems simple enough, but on each "Advance" space is a ticket value that will test the player's confidence in moving up to the next level.

Platinum Heights will bring your customers back for more as the players must have a quick hand to move up the wheel - but they must also temper their need for instant gratification in the hopes of winning the Jackpot/Bonus.

If you are looking for a game that appeals to all ages and makes you more money, Platinum Heights is perfect for you!

All Parts

  1. Pointer A Pointer A
  2. Top Wheel Side Light Top Wheel Side Light
  3. Pointer B Pointer B
  4. Middle Wheel Side Light Middle Wheel Side Light
  5. LED Board LED Board
  6. Large Wheel Score Decal Large Wheel Score Decal
  7. Bottom Wheel Plate Bottom Wheel Plate
  8. Top Wheel Plate Top Wheel Plate
  9. Collect & Quit Button Decal Collect & Quit Button Decal
  10. Start or Stop Button Decal Start or Stop Button Decal
  11. Top White Wheel Cover Top White Wheel Cover
  12. Middle White Wheel Cover Middle White Wheel Cover
  13. Main Board V9 Main Board V9

    Part #: P110-439

    Main Board V9

    Main board Learn More
  14. Control Panel w/Decal Control Panel w/Decal
  15. Middle Home Position Sensor Middle Home Position Sensor

    Part #: P110-420

    Middle Home Position Sensor

    Home position sensor Learn More
  16. Button Button

    Part #: P110-408


    Button Learn More
  17. Top Home Position Sensor Top Home Position Sensor

    Part #: P110-415

    Top Home Position Sensor

    Home position sensor Learn More
  18. Top Right Marquee LED Board Top Right Marquee LED Board
  19. Light Cover B Light Cover B
  20. Top Plate Mirror Top Plate Mirror
  21. Top Arc Cover Top Arc Cover
  22. Middle Wheel Cover Middle Wheel Cover
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