Pharaoh's Treasure - Main Part 1

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview

5 Different Ways to Win:

- Moving the Wheel One Space Left
- Moving the Wheel One Space Right
- Making the Wheel Spin
- Moving the Tomb Past the Bonus Line for the Jackpot
- Additional Tickets for Coins that Fall over the Edge

All Parts

  1. Jackpot Sign Rod Jackpot Sign Rod

    Part #: P101-107

    Jackpot Sign Rod

    Jackpot sign rod Learn More
  2. Jackpot Sign Pillar Jackpot Sign Pillar

    Part #: P101-108

    Jackpot Sign Pillar

    Jackpot sign pillar Learn More
  3. Jackpot Sign Jackpot Sign

    Part #: P101-111

    Jackpot Sign

    Jackpot sign Learn More
  4. Fan Fixation Fan Fixation
  5. Fan/Blower Fan/Blower

    Part #: P101-407


    Fan/Blower Learn More
  6. Glass Glass

    Part #: P101-602


    Glass door Learn More
  7. Flame Silk Flame Silk

    Part #: P101-603

    Flame Silk

    Flame silk Learn More
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