Pharaoh's Revenge - Coin Mechanism

Quick Overview

A spin off of our original 4 player pusher, Pharaoh's Treasure.
Pharaoh's Revenge offers many more ways to win, bringing your customers back for more! Bright attractive colors capture your attention from across the room. Easily converted to a card swipe system with the purchase of a Hopper Kit.

All Parts

  1. Block Coin Doctor Blade (Scrape Board) Block Coin Doctor Blade (Scrape Board)
  2. Eccentric Sheave Eccentric Sheave
  3. Guide Rail Guide Rail

    Part #: PR-3-15

    Guide Rail

    Guide rail Learn More
  4. Nylon Bearing Wheel Nylon Bearing Wheel

    Part #: PR-3-16

    Nylon Bearing Wheel

    Pole Bearing Learn More
  5. Pusher Motor Pusher Motor

    Part #: PR-3-18

    Pusher Motor

    Pusher Motor Learn More
  6. Bearing Spacing Sleeve Bearing Spacing Sleeve

    Part #: PR-3-9

    Bearing Spacing Sleeve

    Bearing spacing sleeve Learn More
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