Lucky Streak

Quick Overview

Get on a Lucky Streak to win a Pot Full of Tickets!!!

Game play is simple and easy to understand:
Choose Heads or Tails, if you are correct, you win tickets.

Choose Heads or Tails correctly 7 times in a row to win the Jackpot.

Players can stop at any point during the game to take the tickets they have won. If you choose incorrectly, you lose your tickets. There is even a Super Jackpot on this game for your players to win even more tickets!

So Ask Yourself...Are You on a Lucky Streak?

Launch Assembly

  1. DC Motor DC Motor

    Part #: LS-06-07

    DC Motor

    Vibrator Motor Learn More
  2. Proxy/Coin Sensor Proxy/Coin Sensor

    Part #: LS-06-09

    Proxy/Coin Sensor

    Proxy/coin sensor Learn More
  3. Launch Sensor Board Pair Launch Sensor Board Pair
  4. Coin Coin
  5. Electromagnet Electromagnet

    Part #: LS-06-13


    Popper Solenoid Learn More

Game Decals

  1. Speaker Menu Speaker Menu
  2. Heads Button Menu Heads Button Menu
  3. Tails Button Menu Tails Button Menu
  4. R Side Decal R Side Decal
  5. L Side Decal L Side Decal

Electrical Parts

  1. Relay Relay
  2. Main Board V9 Main Board V9

    Part #: LS-09-06

    Main Board V9

    Main board Learn More
  3. Power Supply 12V Power Supply 12V
  4. Power Supply 24V Power Supply 24V

Marquee Rotation Assembly

  1. In-Phase Motor In-Phase Motor

    Part #: LS-04-08

    In-Phase Motor

    In-phase motor Learn More
  2. O Type Strap O Type Strap
  3. Driver Wheel Driver Wheel

Main Assembly 1

  1. 100 Type Button 100 Type Button
  2. Control Panel w/ Instructions Control Panel w/ Instructions
  3. Dome Dome
  4. Small Red Button Small Red Button
  5. LED Light LED Light

Coin Machine Assembly

  1. Coin Mech Coin Mech

Lamp Board Assembly

  1. Lamp Board Lamp Board

Light Box/Marquee

  1. Lamp Board Lamp Board
  2. Lamp Board Lamp Board

Main Assembly 2

  1. Fluorescent Light & Fixture 19in Fluorescent Light & Fixture 19in
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