Kiddy Kruisin Upright

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview


Kid sized video driver in a unique, upright cabinet with jump seat base!

Can be operated with or without the redemption ticket option!

Awsome lighting & Audio/Visual features!

All Parts

  1. AC Adaptor (Power Supply) for Host PC & LCD Monitor AC Adaptor (Power Supply) for Host PC & LCD Monitor
  2. Front Lamp Cover Front Lamp Cover
  3. Radio Knob Radio Knob
  4. Wheel Cover Wheel Cover
  5. Seat Cushion Seat Cushion
  6. Dashboard Graphic Dashboard Graphic
  7. Backup Mirror Backup Mirror
  8. 19 Inch LCD Monitor 19 Inch LCD Monitor
  9. Jump Button with Decal Jump Button with Decal
  10. Host/Computer Host/Computer
  11. I/O Board I/O Board
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