KC Cobra - Base Mech Assembly

Quick Overview

Fast Fun on a Furious Course!

Your young car enthusiasts will love the real feel of being in the driver seat! Cruise through town Racing to collect as many coins as possible. Jump over obstacles and retrieve the gas cans for an extra boost! The more coins you collect the higher your reward!

All Parts

  1. 110V Motion Drive Motor 110V Motion Drive Motor
  2. Ball Bearing (Small) Ball Bearing (Small)
  3. Clamp Ring (Medium) 35 Clamp Ring (Medium) 35
  4. Clamp Ring  (Small) Axis Lock 20 Clamp Ring  (Small) Axis Lock 20
  5. Self Locking Nut M12 Self Locking Nut M12
  6. Ball Bearing (Large) Ball Bearing (Large)
  7. Clamp Ring (Large) 50 Clamp Ring (Large) 50
  8. Swing Bearing Housing (Large) Swing Bearing Housing (Large)
  9. Swing Bearing Housing (Small) Swing Bearing Housing (Small)
  10. Large Washer Large Washer
  11. Motion Drive Assembly Motion Drive Assembly

    Part #: KCC-150

    Motion Drive Assembly

    Parts include: KCC-040- Pillow block, KCC-051 -Drive chain wheel, KCC-052A - Non-threaded shaft motion bearing, KCC-053- Eccentric block A, KCC-054 - Eccentric block B, and KCC-150a - Hardware.ABP & KCC Motion Drive Assemblies are not compatible. Learn More
  12. Bottom Frame Bottom Frame
  13. Main Motion Frame L&R Main Motion Frame L&R

    Part #: KCC-M-02

    Main Motion Frame L&R

    LEFT/RIGHT (SWAY) Learn More
  14. Up Motion Frame Up Motion Frame
  15. 220V Motion Drive Motors 220V Motion Drive Motors
  16. Motion Drive & Pillow Block Hardware Motion Drive & Pillow Block Hardware

    Part #: KCC-150a

    Motion Drive & Pillow Block Hardware

  17. Large Ball Bearing Assembly Large Ball Bearing Assembly
  18. Small Ball Bearing Assembly Small Ball Bearing Assembly
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