Hungry Dragon

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview

Get on a Lucky Streak to win a Pot Full of Tickets!!!

Game play is simple and easy to understand:
Choose Heads or Tails, if you are correct, you win tickets.

Choose Heads or Tails correctly 7 times in a row to win the Jackpot.

Players can stop at any point during the game to take the tickets they have won. If you choose incorrectly, you lose your tickets. There is even a Super Jackpot on this game for your players to win even more tickets!

So Ask Yourself...Are You on a Lucky Streak?

Body Assembly

  1. Front Glass (glass door) Front Glass (glass door)
  2. Chrome shooter cover (trigger cover) Chrome shooter cover (trigger cover)
  3. Finger guard clear (trigger cover) Finger guard clear (trigger cover)
  4. Finger guard green (trigger cover) Finger guard green (trigger cover)
  5. Front Door Bolt Front Door Bolt
  6. Floating Nut Floating Nut

Body Assembly - Inside

  1. Flame Cloth Fire Flame Cloth Fire
  2. Fan Fan

    Part #: HD-2-9


Shooter Mechanism W/O Lockout

  1. Spring Spring
  2. Complete Fix Bar Hungry Dragon Complete Fix Bar Hungry Dragon
  3. Spring Spring
  4. Micro switch Micro switch
  5. Catapult Launcher Catapult Launcher

    Part #: HD-3A-5

    Catapult Launcher

    #8 stainless steel nylon lock nut on the far end, bolt that goes through the fix bar and launcher Learn More
  6. Micro switch Micro switch

Shooter Mechanism with Lockout

  1. Lockout Coil Lockout Coil

Coin Rolling Track

  1. Rolling Track Board Rolling Track Board
  2. Rolling Track Side Board (2) Rolling Track Side Board (2)
  3. Rolling Track Side Board Rolling Track Side Board
  4. Rolling Track Fix Board Rolling Track Fix Board
  5. Fender 3 Fender 3

Body Assembly - Rear

  1. Main PCB Board C8 Main PCB Board C8

    Part #: HD-5-4

    Main PCB Board C8

    Main board Learn More
  2. Power Supply 12V Power Supply 12V

Other Parts

  1. Flame Socket Flame Socket

    Part #: HD-9-3-25-1

    Flame Socket

    also used as socket for MR11 light/F2W-1-19 Learn More
  2. 2 Piece front panel decal for the Hungry Dragon 2 Piece front panel decal for the Hungry Dragon
  3. Figurine for Playfield Figurine for Playfield
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