Graveyard Smash - Pumpkin Chair

Quick Overview

Brave the world of the undead alone or with a partner. Rapid fire guns make it fun to get the ghosts, zombies and witches who cross your path! Defend yourself from the bats, spiders, pumpkins & other surprises along the way! Defeat the Boss and advance on to the next level.

All Parts

  1. Pumpkin Seat Harness Pumpkin Seat Harness
  2. Pumpkin Seat Pumpkin Seat
  3. Pumpkin Left Eye Pumpkin Left Eye
  4. Pumpkin Right Eye Pumpkin Right Eye
  5. Pumpkin Mouth Pumpkin Mouth
Browse By
  1. Decals/LED Strips (10)
  2. Gun Assembly (23)
  3. Marquee (3)
  4. General Assembly Drawing (10)
  5. Ball Agitator Motor (5)
  6. Ball Feed Assembly (3)
  7. Computer and Control (7)
  8. Pumpkin Chair (5)
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