Graveyard Smash - Gun Assembly

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview

Brave the world of the undead alone or with a partner. Rapid fire guns make it fun to get the ghosts, zombies and witches who cross your path! Defend yourself from the bats, spiders, pumpkins & other surprises along the way! Defeat the Boss and advance on to the next level.

All Parts

  1. Gun Handle MicroSwitch Gun Handle MicroSwitch
  2. Shooter Motor Shooter Motor
  3. Ball Shooter Motor Drive Board Ball Shooter Motor Drive Board
  4. Gun Handle Left Side Gun Handle Left Side
  5. Gun Handle Right Side Gun Handle Right Side
  6. Gun Handle Trigger Gun Handle Trigger
  7. Gun Handle Spring Gun Handle Spring
  8. Gun Handle Axle Gun Handle Axle
  9. Shooter Hub (For wheel) Shooter Hub (For wheel)

    Part #: GS-3-24b

    Shooter Hub (For wheel)

    Whole Assmbly Learn More
  10. Ball Agitator Motor 300RPM Ball Agitator Motor 300RPM

    Part #: GS-3-100

    Ball Agitator Motor 300RPM

    For all New agitator motor assemblies Learn More
  11. Ball Agitator Motor Impellers Ball Agitator Motor Impellers
  12. Gun Wire Harness Gun Wire Harness
  13. Gun Handle Light( Eyes) (Spider Eyes) Gun Handle Light( Eyes) (Spider Eyes)
  14. Shooter Motor Wheel Shooter Motor Wheel

    Part #: GS-3-24a

    Shooter Motor Wheel

    rubber wheel Learn More
  15. Shooter Wheel Screw Shooter Wheel Screw
  16. Shooter Motor Wheel Assembly Shooter Motor Wheel Assembly
  17. L&R Gun Stop L&R Gun Stop
  18. U&D Nuts & Bolts for Stopper U&D Nuts & Bolts for Stopper
  19. Agitator Motor 80RPM Agitator Motor 80RPM

    Part #: GS-3-100b

    Agitator Motor 80RPM

    For all agitator assemblies with the spring impellers Learn More
  20. Agitator Control Board Agitator Control Board
  21. Gun Harness Black Tubing Assembly Gun Harness Black Tubing Assembly
  22. Pivot Bolt w/Screw Pivot Bolt w/Screw
  23. Pivot Bearing Pivot Bearing
  24. Gun Assembly Gun Assembly
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  1. Decals/LED Strips (10)
  2. Gun Assembly (24)
  3. Marquee (3)
  4. General Assembly Drawing (10)
  5. Ball Agitator Motor (5)
  6. Ball Feed Assembly (4)
  7. Computer and Control (7)
  8. Pumpkin Chair (5)
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