Graveyard Smash - Decals/LED Strips

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Hot new Basketball game! Great for FEC's, Home Arcades and Rental Companies. With its compact breakdown, when disassembled, At The Buzzer makes it easy to fit through a standard size door. Looking to move this piece from location to location, our commercial grade material is equipped to be on the move.

DBV Ready: 110V downstacker

All Parts

  1. Right Side Front Decal Right Side Front Decal
  2. Right Side Back Decal Right Side Back Decal
  3. Left Side Front Decal Left Side Front Decal
  4. Left Side Back Decal Left Side Back Decal
  5. Pumpkin Chair LED Pumpkin Chair LED
  6. Control Panel LED Control Panel LED
  7. Playfield Side Acrylic LED Playfield Side Acrylic LED
  8. Marquee Edge LED Marquee Edge LED
  9. Monitor Bezel Decal Monitor Bezel Decal
  10. Button Decals Button Decals
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  1. Decals/LED Strips (10)
  2. Gun Assembly (25)
  3. Marquee (3)
  4. General Assembly Drawing (12)
  5. Ball Agitator Motor (5)
  6. Ball Feed Assembly (4)
  7. Computer and Control (7)
  8. Pumpkin Chair (5)
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