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Take your best shot! This is a game of skill, players take their shot at winning a ball if they make it in the basket! Use the joystick to adjust the angle in order to make it in. Game uses popular 5" diameter micro mini basketballs. Fill up the basketballs right on the spot with the built in air compressor! Game holds up to 50 basketballs.

Shooting Ball Mechanism

  1. Micro Switch Micro Switch

    Part #: FR-2-03 / Rolling

    Micro Switch

    Shooting Ball Microswitch & Pushing Ball Microswitch Learn More

Ball Tossing Mechanism

  1. Motor Motor
  2. LED Circle LED Circle

Pushing Ball Mechanism

  1. Ball Pushing Board Ball Pushing Board
  2. Ball Pushing Motor Ball Pushing Motor

Inside of Maintenance Door

  1. Mainboard Mainboard
  2. Motor Driver Board Motor Driver Board
  3. Motor Drive Motor Drive
  4. Switching Power Supply 12V Switching Power Supply 12V


  1. Correlation Sensor IN PCB Correlation Sensor IN PCB
  2. Correlation Sensor OUT PCB Correlation Sensor OUT PCB
  3. T4 Sensor / X-ray Eyes T4 Sensor / X-ray Eyes


  1. Prize Door Decal Prize Door Decal
  2. Middle Door Decal Middle Door Decal

All Parts

  1. Basketballs Basketballs
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