Football Fortune

This Game Has Been Retired

Upper Cabinet

  1. Top Football Top Football
  2. Top Plexi Top Plexi
  3. Coin Comparitor Coin Comparitor

Turntable Assembly

  1. Turntable Turntable

Main Cabinet (Inner)

  1. Sensor Sensor

    Part #: FF-4-12


    Coin sensor Learn More

Main Cabinet (Outer)

  1. LED Strip (long green) LED Strip (long green)


  1. Playfield Decal-Curved Footballs Playfield Decal-Curved Footballs
  2. Top Football Decal-Football Banner Top Football Decal-Football Banner
  3. Playfield Decal-Small Football Banner Playfield Decal-Small Football Banner
  4. Top Playfield Decal-Inside Top Playfield Decal-Inside
  5. Playfield Bottom Decal-Polka Dots Playfield Bottom Decal-Polka Dots
  6. Door Decal Door Decal
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