Flip 2 Win - Dice Mechanism Assembly

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Fast Fun on a Furious Course!

Your young car enthusiasts will love the real feel of being in the driver seat! Cruise through town Racing to collect as many coins as possible. Jump over obstacles and retrieve the gas cans for an extra boost! The more coins you collect the higher your reward!

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  1. 7SEG Display 7SEG Display
  2. DiceDecal Set DiceDecal Set

    Part #: F2W-1.25

    DiceDecal Set

    Dice decal set Learn More
  3. Dice Driver Board Dice Driver Board

    Part #: F2W-3-4-1-3

    Dice Driver Board

    Stepper Motor Driver Board v1.3 Learn More
  4. Dice Shaft Dice Shaft
  5. Dice Opto Sensor Dice Opto Sensor
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