Flip 2 Win - Coin Flipper Assembly

Quick Overview

Players are flipping over backwards for Flip 2 Win!

Flip 2 Win challenges the player to secure the best hand to win additional tickets from one of six available Bonus Lines. This 2-player pusher offers the player three chutes to play from. Each chute puts its corresponding spinning dice into action. With each coin, the player is looking to match up the dice to win big. The player also wins tickets for coins falling over the edge just like traditional pushers do. But what makes Flip 2 Win different is the player chooses which dice to change to help them win larger amounts of tickets from the Bonus Line.

All Parts

  1. Coin In Sensor Coin In Sensor
  2. Shooter Motor Shooter Motor

    Part #: F2W-6-2

    Shooter Motor

    Coin shooter motor Learn More
  3. Shoot wheel w/plastic hub Shoot wheel w/plastic hub
  4. Coin Chute .984 Coin Chute .984
  5. Coin Chute .25 Coin Chute .25
  6. Coin Chute .882 Coin Chute .882
  7. Motor Speeder PCB Motor Speeder PCB
  8. Coin Chute .900 Coin Chute .900
  9. Shooter wheel foam only Shooter wheel foam only
  10. Exit Sensor (2 piece) Exit Sensor (2 piece)
  11. Exit Sensor Bracket/Holder Exit Sensor Bracket/Holder
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