Bop 2 Win - Punch Mechanism

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Take Your Best Shot!

Ever wanted to punch a clown in the nose? Well here is your chance! The better the blow the more victorious the win! He is enticing and will draw you in only to heckle you into a frenzy! All it takes is one press of the Big Red button and victory is yours!

All Parts

  1. back sliding shaft back sliding shaft
  2. deep groove ball bearing deep groove ball bearing
  3. Positioning shaft part 2 with Track Seat & Locating Rod Positioning shaft part 2 with Track Seat & Locating Rod
  4. locating rod locating rod
  5. connection for activity connection for activity
  6. copper pin 1 copper pin 1
  7. link joint 2 link joint 2
  8. electromagnet electromagnet
  9. (METAL) Connectors from electromagnet (METAL) Connectors from electromagnet

    Part #: B2W-01B-19A

    (METAL) Connectors from electromagnet

    We recommend ordering a Qty of 2.Metal connect that connects at electromagent end to parts B2W-01B-20 & 21. Learn More
  10. track track
  12. front sliding shaft front sliding shaft
  13. promote seat promote seat
  14. fixed plate for glove fixed plate for glove
  15. copper pin 2 & 3 copper pin 2 & 3
  16. connector connector
  17. tension spring tension spring
  18. link joint 1 link joint 1
  19. Punch mechanism assembly Punch mechanism assembly
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