Biggest Catch

Quick Overview

An exciting, unique game from Family Fun Companies with a different twist. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the challenge! Load the cargo and try to keep it balanced to win the bonus! If it falls over-board the game's over. Operator adjustable for 2 modes of play. "Win Every Time" with smaller ticket values or "Go For Broke" with higher values. Great look, great value, great in ANY game room!

Main Assembly 2

  1. Acrylic Screen Printed Menu Control Panel Acrylic Screen Printed Menu Control Panel
  2. L-Light Cover L-Light Cover

    Part #: BC-2-9

    L-Light Cover

    Left side white light cover. Learn More
  3. R-Light Cover R-Light Cover

    Part #: BC-2-23

    R-Light Cover

    Right side white light cover Learn More

Separate Ball Assembly

  1. Spring Spring

Electrical Parts

  1. LED Board LED Board
  2. Ball Ball
  3. DC Motor DC Motor
  4. Main PCB Board V9 Main PCB Board V9

    Part #: BC-11-12

    Main PCB Board V9

    Main board Learn More
  5. Launch Sensor Board Pair Launch Sensor Board Pair
  6. 100 Type Button 100 Type Button
  7. Driver Board Driver Board
  8. Ball Lift Motor Ball Lift Motor

Main Assembly 1

  1. White Control Panel White Control Panel

Ship Assembly

  1. Emitter & Detector Boards Emitter & Detector Boards

    Part #: BC-7-19

    Emitter & Detector Boards

    Emitter & detector boards Learn More


  1. Button Decal Button Decal
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