Basket Fortune - Main Cabinet (Inner)

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview

- 4-Player Quick Coin Game
- 12 Baskets with 3 Bonus Baskets & 1 Jackpot Basket
- Each player has their own progressive Jackpot
- Operator adjustable to fine tune payout percentage

All Parts

  1. Jackpot/Coin Sensor Jackpot/Coin Sensor
  2. Stepper Motor Drive Board Stepper Motor Drive Board

    Part #: BF-4-14

    Stepper Motor Drive Board

    Stepper motor controller Learn More
  3. Ticket Mech Inverter Board Ticket Mech Inverter Board

    Part #: BF-4-15

    Ticket Mech Inverter Board

    Ticket mech inverter board Learn More
  4. Turntable Sensor Turntable Sensor

    Part #: BF-4-2

    Turntable Sensor

    Turntable sensor Learn More
  5. Sound Board Sound Board
  6. Power Supply 12V Power Supply 12V
  7. Main Board C8 Main Board C8

    Part #: BF-4-8

    Main Board C8

    Main PCB Board Learn More
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  1. Upper Cabinet (7)
  2. Main Cabinet (Outer) (6)
  3. Main Cabinet (Inner) (7)
  4. Turntable Assembly (2)
  5. Decals/Graphics (2)
  6. Top Assembly (1)
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