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Acorn Drop is easy to understand and a ball to play. Players position the acorn located at the top of the game anywhere on the playfield - the acorn moves front to back and left to right. The goal is to drop the bouncing ball in one of the two Jackpot holes. A brightly colored sweeping arm travels around the playfield causing the dropped ball to bounce around and eventually find a hole. Each hole has a point value and the Jackpot is fully adjustable.

All Parts

  1. Power Supply Power Supply
  2. Ball Drop Button Ball Drop Button
  3. Ball Ball

    Part #: AD-111


  4. Ball Lift Motor Ball Lift Motor

    Part #: AD-128

    Ball Lift Motor

    Ball lift motor Learn More
  5. Ball Gate Solenoid Ball Gate Solenoid
  6. Main Board Main Board

    Part #: AD-135

    Main Board

    Main board Learn More
  7. 4 Digit Ticket Display 4 Digit Ticket Display

    Part #: AD-140

    4 Digit Ticket Display

    4 digit ticket display. Learn More
  8. 3 Digit Jackpot Display 3 Digit Jackpot Display

    Part #: AD-139

    3 Digit Jackpot Display

    3 digit jackpot display. Learn More
  9. Credit Display Board Credit Display Board

    Part #: AD-156

    Credit Display Board

    Credit display board Learn More
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