Acorn Drop

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Acorn Drop is easy to understand and a ball to play. Players position the acorn located at the top of the game anywhere on the playfield - the acorn moves front to back and left to right. The goal is to drop the bouncing ball in one of the two Jackpot holes. A brightly colored sweeping arm travels around the playfield causing the dropped ball to bounce around and eventually find a hole. Each hole has a point value and the Jackpot is fully adjustable.


  1. Power Supply Power Supply
  2. Ball Drop Button Ball Drop Button
  3. Ball Ball

    Part #: AD-111


  4. Ball Lift Motor Ball Lift Motor

    Part #: AD-128

    Ball Lift Motor

    Ball lift motor Learn More
  5. Ball Gate Solenoid Ball Gate Solenoid
  6. Main Board Main Board

    Part #: AD-135

    Main Board

    Main board Learn More
  7. 4 Digit Ticket Display 4 Digit Ticket Display

    Part #: AD-140

    4 Digit Ticket Display

    4 digit ticket display. Learn More
  8. 3 Digit Jackpot Display 3 Digit Jackpot Display

    Part #: AD-139

    3 Digit Jackpot Display

    3 digit jackpot display. Learn More
  9. Credit Display Board Credit Display Board

    Part #: AD-156

    Credit Display Board

    Credit display board Learn More

Crane Assembly

  1. Ball Drop Solenoid Ball Drop Solenoid
  2. Solenoid Bar Solenoid Bar
  3. Trolly Bar Trolly Bar
  4. Hook Hook

    Part #: AD-039



  1. Right Side Decal Right Side Decal
  2. Left Side Decal Left Side Decal


  1. Playfield Sensor Board A Playfield Sensor Board A
  2. Playfield Sensor Board B Playfield Sensor Board B
  3. Playfield Sensor Board C Playfield Sensor Board C
  4. Playfield Sensor Board D Playfield Sensor Board D
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