About Family Fun Companies

Family Fun Companies is a manufacturer of high-quality redemption games, kiddie rides, and prize vending games. Founded by J. Richard Oltmann, the designer of over 50+ Redemption games. Family Fun Companies strives to give our customers the best in the business. Why do you ask? A very simple answer, we are operators and FEC owners too!

Hungry Dragon, Kings Castle and Gorilla King, Family Fun's first redemption games, have been a lasting success. We contribute our success to our excellent staff in our Parts, Service and Manufacturing departments. Our goal is to not only provide our customers with high-quality dependable equipment but, to provide them with excellent service to keep their games up and running like NEW! We look forward to continuing developing pieces that bring happiness, joy and of course great ROI's to our customers.

About Richard Oltmann

"An amusement industry icon, family man, and an all-around amazing person!"

Richard Oltmann worked in the coin-operated amusement industry business for 50+ years and has left a lasting impression that will be tough to follow. His success began with game routes which turned into Family Entertainment Centers. He developed a niche for designing games which soon lead to the opening of Family Fun Companies. A businessman whose goal was to make kids smile, a teacher who enjoyed sharing his experiences and expertise, and a man who treated everyone like family. He will forever live on in our hearts and his legacy through the American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation.


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