Pharaoh's Treasure - Playfield Assembly

This Game Has Been Retired

Quick Overview

5 Different Ways to Win:

- Moving the Wheel One Space Left
- Moving the Wheel One Space Right
- Making the Wheel Spin
- Moving the Tomb Past the Bonus Line for the Jackpot
- Additional Tickets for Coins that Fall over the Edge

All Parts

  1. Fire Cloth Bracket Fire Cloth Bracket
  2. Swing Pole Fixation Pin Swing Pole Fixation Pin
  3. Sway Eccentricity Pole Sway Eccentricity Pole
  4. Motor Fixation Board Motor Fixation Board
  5. Lamp Cover Lamp Cover
  6. Motor (AM-20) Motor (AM-20)

    Part #: P101-413

    Motor (AM-20)

    Coin Guide Motor Learn More
  7. Stepper Motor Stepper Motor

    Part #: P101-415

    Stepper Motor

    Wheel Motor Learn More
  8. Micro Coin Switch Micro Coin Switch
  9. Swing Pole Sleeve Swing Pole Sleeve
  10. Scrape Board Scrape Board
  11. Playfield Cushion Playfield Cushion
  12. LED Display LED Display

    Part #: P101-802

    LED Display

    Must replace jumpers from old LED display in the same sequence on the new LED display received.LED Display will not work without jumpers. Learn More
  13. Panel Cover Board Panel Cover Board
  14. Home Position Sensor Home Position Sensor

    Part #: P101-414

    Home Position Sensor

    Also known as Jackpot Sensor Learn More
  15. Flame Silk Flame Silk
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