Pharaoh's Treasure

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  1. Fire Cloth Bracket Fire Cloth Bracket
  2. Jackpot Sign Rod Jackpot Sign Rod
  3. Jackpot Sign Pillar Jackpot Sign Pillar
  4. Jackpot Sign Jackpot Sign
  5. Fan Fixation Fan Fixation
  6. Swing Pole Fixation Pin Swing Pole Fixation Pin
  7. Sway Eccentricity Pole Sway Eccentricity Pole
  8. Motor Fixation Board Motor Fixation Board
  9. Lamp Cover Lamp Cover
  10. Pushing Baffle Pushing Baffle
  11. Guide Track Guide Track

    Part #: P101-133

    Guide Track

    Part must have 10-24 screw 1" long welded to the large side. Learn More
  12. Upper Guide Plate Upper Guide Plate
  13. Bearing Spacing Sleeve Bearing Spacing Sleeve
  14. Lower Glide Board Lower Glide Board
  15. Eccentricity Wheel Eccentricity Wheel
  16. Sensor Holder Sensor Holder
  17. Connection Rod Connection Rod
  18. Spot Light Bracket Spot Light Bracket
  19. Fan/Blower Fan/Blower
  20. Motor (AM-20) Motor (AM-20)

    Part #: P101-413

    Motor (AM-20)

    Coin Guide Motor Learn More
  21. Stepper Motor Stepper Motor
  22. Micro Coin Switch Micro Coin Switch
  23. Pole Bearing Pole Bearing
  24. Pusher Motor Pusher Motor
  25. Long Micro Switch Long Micro Switch
  26. Coin Hopper Coin Hopper

    Part #: P101-423

    Coin Hopper

    Asahi Seiko SH-400-o Learn More
  27. Motor Driver Board Motor Driver Board
  28. Buzzer/ Microphone Buzzer/ Microphone
  29. Spot Light (White LED) Spot Light (White LED)
  30. Glass Glass

    Part #: P101-602


    price includes additional $100 shipping charge Learn More
  31. Light Box Graphic Light Box Graphic
  32. Sway Pole Sway Pole
  33. Swing Pole Sleeve Swing Pole Sleeve
  34. Scrape Board Scrape Board
  35. Playfield Cushion Playfield Cushion
  36. Leadin Sleeve Leadin Sleeve
  37. Mummy Mummy
  38. Glide Board Fixation Sleeve Glide Board Fixation Sleeve
  39. Connection Rod Sleeve Connection Rod Sleeve
  40. Turnplate Score Decal 1,2,3,4,5,1,3,4 Turnplate Score Decal 1,2,3,4,5,1,3,4
  41. Jackpot Sign Decal Jackpot Sign Decal
  42. Clarity Animal Decal Clarity Animal Decal
  43. Front Door Decal Front Door Decal
  44. LED Display LED Display
  45. Music Board Music Board
  46. Relay Board Relay Board
  47. Microphone Board Microphone Board
  48. LED Board LED Board
  49. Ballast Ballast
  50. H Type Light 36W H Type Light 36W

    Part #: P101-404

    H Type Light 36W

    Model Number YDW36-HRR-36W Learn More
  51. Power Supply 24V Power Supply 24V
  52. Power Supply 12V Power Supply 12V
  53. LED Spot Light Red LED Spot Light Red
  54. Coin Comparitor Coin Comparitor
  55. Main PCB Board C8 Main PCB Board C8
  56. Panel Cover Board Panel Cover Board
  57. LED Spot (yellow) 1 watt LED Spot (yellow) 1 watt
  58. Home Position Sensor Home Position Sensor

    Part #: P101-414

    Home Position Sensor

    Also known as Jackpot Sensor Learn More
  59. Turnplate Score Decal-4,5,8,4,25,5,10,8 Turnplate Score Decal-4,5,8,4,25,5,10,8
  60. Turnplate Score Decal-5,8,10,3,25,5,10,3 Turnplate Score Decal-5,8,10,3,25,5,10,3
  61. Turnplate Score Decal-4,8,3,15,4,10,5,3 Turnplate Score Decal-4,8,3,15,4,10,5,3
  62. Turnplate Score Decal-4,8,3,15,4,10,5,3 Turnplate Score Decal-4,8,3,15,4,10,5,3
  63. Jackpot Decal Fixing Sleeve Jackpot Decal Fixing Sleeve
  64. H Type Light (big) 55w H Type Light (big) 55w
  65. Ticket Mech Inverter Board Ticket Mech Inverter Board
  66. Flame Silk Flame Silk
  67. LED Strip (long blue) LED Strip (long blue)

    Part #: P101-810a

    LED Strip (long blue)

    16 3/4 inches or 42.5cm Learn More
  68. LED Strip (long green) LED Strip (long green)
  69. Exhaust/Cooling Fan Exhaust/Cooling Fan
  70. Deep Groove Ball Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing
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