Half Court Hoops

Quick Overview

The perfect addition to your current full-size basketball games...Half Court Hoops now allows your smaller sized customers (boys and girls 6 years old and up) to make baskets and have a great time while still allowing the adult player many levels of fun. With over 400 currently in the field, we hear from our customers that this game does not take attention away from their other basketballs games.

Main Part 2

  1. Front Net Front Net
  2. Front Net Frame Front Net Frame

Motion Assembly

  1. Rim Rim
  2. Sensor Board Sensor Board
  3. Bearing Bearing
  4. Motor Motor
  5. Ball Detected Ball Detected
  6. Metal Hoop Net Metal Hoop Net

    Part #: R102-154

    Metal Hoop Net

    Net includes clip links Learn More
  7. Chain Link Clip Chain Link Clip

    Part #: R102-154A

    Chain Link Clip

    Clip for Chain Net Learn More

Ball Gate Assembly

  1. Ball Gate Ball Gate
  2. Encoder Wheel Encoder Wheel
  3. Connection Connection

Control Panel Assembly

  1. Relay Board Relay Board
  2. Main PCB Board V9 Main PCB Board V9

    Part #: R102-802

    Main PCB Board V9

    Used for Half Court Hoops & Rapper Ballin.Does not include Main Program Chip. Learn More

Other Electronic Components

  1. 2 Digit Display 2 Digit Display
  2. 3 Digit Display 3 Digit Display
  3. Flourescent Lamp 1 Flourescent Lamp 1

    Part #: R102-433

    Flourescent Lamp 1

    13 watt about 21 inches in length. Learn More
  4. Male Link Cable Male Link Cable

    Part #: R102-808

    Male Link Cable

    3 Core Connector. Game takes a total of 2 link cables, 1 male & 1 female. Learn More
  5. Female Link Cable Female Link Cable

    Part #: R102-808a

    Female Link Cable

    3 Core Connector. Game takes a total of 2 link cables, 1 male & 1 female. Learn More


  1. Button Decal Button Decal
  2. Front Door Decal Front Door Decal
  3. Marquee Plexi Marquee Plexi

All Parts

  1. Speaker Speaker
  2. Chain Jacket Chain Jacket
  3. Shield Ring Shield Ring
  4. Ball Gate Sensor Ball Gate Sensor
  5. Button Button
  6. Micro Switch Micro Switch
  7. Light Belt Light Belt
  8. Basketball (Black) Basketball (Black)
  9. Ball Gate Sensor Harness Ball Gate Sensor Harness
  10. Ball Gate Motor Ball Gate Motor
  11. Ticket Mech Inverter Board Ticket Mech Inverter Board
  12. Basket Ball Rim Assembly Basket Ball Rim Assembly
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